What Causes Hair Loss and How to Stop It

When it comes to hair loss there are several different things that can cause it to occur. In this article we’ll talk about some treatments for hair loss, but more importantly we’ll discuss some of the most common causes of this common problem.

Probably the most commonly seen type of hair loss is male or female pattern baldness. This condition is often caused by a combination of genetics and hormones. This combination causes the hair follicles to become small over time and grow shorter and finer. The reason its called male or female pattern baldness is due to the fact that the hair loss takes place in the same pattern for everybody that suffers from it.

Alopecia is another common hair loss problem that occurs due to the immune system getting attacked. As stated by http://hairisthemanetopic.com, the main cause of this condition has a lot to do with high stress levels. Stress triggers the immune system to attack the hair follicles, which leads to hair falling out.

Chemotherapy is a treatment administered for cancer patients, and can sometimes cause hair loss. This is because the chemotherapy will attack all of the cells in the body along with the cancer cells. Some of these cells that the chemotherapy attacks are responsible for helping the hair follicles grow.

A condition called trichotillomania causes hair to fall out due to the sufferer pulling out their hair. This is an impulse disorder that triggers something in the person’s head to start pulling out their own hair violently. A stressful event is what usually causes this condition be triggered. Most people who suffer from this condition are usually in the teenage years.

The good news is that there are many different treatments to help tackle each individual cause of hair loss. The first treatment often recommended to treat hair loss are topical solutions. Some of these topical solutions come in shampoo or foam form and are applied straight onto the scalp. If you go to the doctor they will probably recommend Lasercomb, which is a medical treatment that revives hair follicles by stimulating the hair follicles.

Another form of treatment is partial hair systems, which involve placing strands of hair into the scalp one by one to replace what has been lost. You could also try using a wig to conceal your hair loss problems. Wigs often come in different styles and textures to help give you variety in the appearance.

If all else fails hair transplants can help. This form of treatment can be very expensive, but it is very effective in treating male pattern baldness. This procedure involves harvesting hair from both sides and the back of the scalp and transplanting it onto the areas where thinning or hair loss occurs.

Scalp reduction is a surgical procedure that involves decreasing a small blad spot on the scalp. This surgical procedure is only recommended for males who don’t have a huge bald spot on the top of their head. It’s important to note that this procedure is very risky and can cause several complications.

Scalp flap surgery is another procedure that can help restore hair. This procedure involves removing one portion of the scalp and hair from the back and sides. The healthy scalp and hair is then transplanted to the bald areas to help create a new hairline. This procedure is mostly recommended for people who are completely bald on the front of their scalp.

With these surgical procedures you have to be a good candidate to get the procedure done. The doctor will determine if you’re a good candidate by asking you a series of questions.