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When plastic surgery is used for good

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t always get the best press. The media are keen to seize on any photograph which purports to show the results of a celebrity’s visit to a plastic surgeon, with the results being held up for ridicule or admiration, depending on the celebrity.


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Thanks to the all-pervading influence of celebrity lifestyle choices, it can be hard to read a magazine or paper, or to watch an entertainment show without being confronted by supposedly vain and egotistical stars who have succumbed to yet another facelift or breast augmentation.

With even young television and film actors and actresses appearing to favour lip augmentation and Botox injections as a matter of course, it can be easy to forget the very real benefits that cosmetic surgery can have on people who have suffered devastating accidents, resulting in severe facial damage.

Kate Piper’s story

One of the most well-known subjects of restorative facial surgery is Katie Piper. This former model was hoping to break through into the big time back in 2008, when she was attacked by an accomplice of her former boyfriend.

Having already started to make a name for herself in the world of modelling, Katie had featured in beauty contests and pageants, hosted digital TV programmes and acted as a ring girl for martial arts contests. Her dreams of modelling stardom were cut brutally short when her violent boyfriend arranged for sulphuric acid to be thrown in her face

The attack left Katie blind in one eye and caused severe burning to the skin on her face. Surgeons had to put her into an induced coma while they replaced most of her facial skin with an artificial substitute. Numerous painful operations lay ahead of her, and she was required to wear a specially-manufactured plastic mask to minimise scarring.

Such serious facial injuries would be devastating for anyone, but for an aspiring model they were career-ending. The Express recently published pictures that Katie has released of her facial injuries in the aftermath of the attack, along with life-affirming statements from this inspirational young woman. Refusing to be a victim is a large part of her philosophy and she speaks out of her pride in surviving the attack.

Helping others

Katie has rebuilt her life just as skilfully as cosmetic surgeons rebuilt her face. She has created the Katie Piper Foundation which provides help and support to people with burns and scars, and has created a new career as a philanthropist and television presenter.

Katie’s story serves as a source of inspiration and reminds us that cosmetic surgery has a vitally important part to play in developing confidence; and self-esteem in people who suffer from some form of facial disfigurement, whether real or imagined.

Someone searching for a cosmetic surgeon in Cambridge might find themselves directed to which offers the latest techniques in laser resurfacing. This procedure removes the top layers of the skin to reveal fresh, new skin underneath. This can be truly life-changing for anyone who has suffered years of facial scarring.

Before we dismiss all cosmetic surgery as vanity, we should ask how we would feel if we were to suffer life-changing facial disfigurement. Plastic surgery can be a genuine force for good.

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