Essay – As The Formal Part Of The Course

Essay is a short content that is written on a specific topic and the author who is writing the essay adds his views to the essay of the specific topic. Then he creates a short story type content in which he explains short but detailed description about that topic on which he is writing the essay.

Essay is basically a content that is covering all the elements that are related to that topic in which there is criticism on that topic and the arguments that are done by the great authors or scholars. The writer has a keen observation on the surroundings and the happenings of the daily life and then he is able to write on that specific topic. If the writer is not observing the surroundings then he is not able to write an excellent content because essay requires everything to be covered in a very short story type of content, in which all the aspects are described briefly.

Essays, the formal part of course:

As the essays are the formal part of the course in many countries and the students are taught there to write the essays in every grade and in different formats in which the essay can be written. This is done to ameliorate the writing skills of the students and to motivate them to write and so that when they grow up their writing skills are improved and they can write on their own with ease.Moreover, when going for an admission in a particular school, college or university the students are asked to give a short test in which the skills of the students are checked and then they give admission otherwise if the student has poor writing skills then he is not able to take admission in that school, college or university.

The writing skills of the students are then examined in the papers that are held on the end of the term and it is necessary to pass out that exam otherwise the student is not able to get the degree of that program which he is studying.

Types of the essay:

Now the essay is not restricted to some specific topics but it is expanded and continued to many other topics and fields on which it can be written. Some of them are:

  • Educational essay: This is the essay which comprises the entire topic list regarding the education. Every topic of the course that the students are learning and they are required to write an essay on the topics that are included in their course. It can be on any of the subject’s topic that is present in that specific course.
  • Filmy essay: The filmy essay is the one that is covering some documentary or the movie and it is basically emphasizing the main theme of the media related topic. Like if there is a documentary on any occurrence or happening in the surrounding then it can be written with the help of the photographs taken of that specific incident. The details of the incident can be described with the help of the photographs and then it can be displayed on the media and the essay can help it in this regard.
  • Photographic essay: A photographic essay is highlighting some kind of picture or the photograph and is based on every detail about the specific photo. It may compose of many photographs related to a common topic.

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