Herakles sub ohm – A hybrid tank in the market

The Herakles sub ohm tank is one of the latest arrivals with advanced features in the market. This tank comes with the size of 0.6 ohm dual coil that works best at 40 to 75 Watts and maximum upto 100W. The recent version of tank has a spare Pyrex glass and two 0.6 ohm coils are along with this tank. The cost of sense herakles sub ohm is $30 and the presence of coil heads are 100% cotton which is similar to Atlantis coils that currently available in the market. These coils are dual vertical coils that are parallel wrapped that gives fantastic flavor and vapor production at high watts.

asdThe sense sub ohm device is one of the most popular devices in next few days so be ready to tune this vapor soon. IF want to gain more details about this sub ohm tank just go through the reviews and compare the Herakles to some other sub ohm tanks. The latest Herakles is available with silver and black version that widely present on the internet. If you place an order then product will be directly shipping to your destination place with free ship cost. The tank capacity of this coil is 3ml and it is available with two different ohms.

Characteristics of Herakles sub ohm tank

The Herakles sub ohm tank can have great amazing features that include high wattage range, mow cost price replacement coils, derlin drip tip, coils, air flow, flavor and vapor, aesthetics and build quality. The sub ohm tank has higher watts range from 30W to 100W so you can enjoy any type of coils ohm for vape. When you inhale the drip tip it starts to reach warm and it beyond 60W if you vaped heavily. When compared to derlin material it has done a pretty good job and keeping cool at the drip trip after vaping. You just click here the link on this site to know more details.

asaThe great thing about Herakles sub ohm tank is available at cheap rates on the market. The sub ohm tank is cheaper than Kanger sub tanks and expensive than SMOK VCT and Eleaf Melo. Every pack has 5 replacement coils which is a biggest selling for Herakles and it is highly recommended by many people to use a lot. The derlin drip tip is strongly sits in the tank and the bottom portion is made with derlin material. When you fire up the tip upto 100W, it gets unbearably hot and vape at these levels if you need too warm.

Reviews of sense Herakles tank

The Herakles tank gives excellent sub ohming and vaporing experience to the users and it is really impressed with cheap cost of replacement coils. When you vape it can produce rich flavors and vapors than other sub ohm tanks that you can really enjoyed a lot while flavor comes on this tank. If you want to gain information just visit more on sense Herakles sub ohm version and get free shipping for this device.

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