Debt Recovery Calculator: Check Savings Potential

Regularly reviewing current loans with the rescheduling calculator can effectively leverage the sustained interest rate low to save on financing costs. The result shows quickly and clearly which banks currently offer which conditions. To take advantage of it, only a few steps are necessary.


Enter data and start rescheduling calculator

Enter data and start rescheduling calculator

The constantly changing financing conditions can be skilfully exploited to save neatly with a clever rescheduling under the line. The ongoing low-interest phase in particular opens up interesting potential on a regular basis, which can be exploited effectively with a little effort. For the first orientation, it is sufficient to enter the outstanding loan amount, the desired term and the intended purpose. This should definitely be “rescheduling” be chosen because with this requirement, the remaining liquidity can be correctly estimated. As a result, a list of the current loan offers from reputable domestic and foreign banks is shown, which initially refer to a standard customer.


Compare conditions in detail

Important points of reference are, on the one hand, the valuations in which the customer opinions on different aspects of the lending process are incorporated, and, on the other hand, the representative sample calculations. There, in addition to the nominal, the decisive annual percentage rate, but also the processing fees and the total expenses are listed. A distinction must be made between the offers with fixed interest rates and the specified interest margins. If borrowers can rely on fixed-interest rates to agree on the interest rate when they approve a loan, the final conditions for variable interest rates depend on personal creditworthiness. The rescheduling calculator therefore shows the total spread and an example of calculation with the interest rate most frequently determined.


Accept offer from rescheduling calculator and save money

loan process

For the individual offers, the rescheduling calculator contains further important details, such as the basic acceptance guidelines and the most important key data. The application is very easy, all necessary documents are simply provided by upload or post. With the convenient Postident procedure, all the requirements of the Money Laundering Act can also be fulfilled when applying online. Once the credit check is completed, the requested money will be paid into the current account to make the replacement of the current loan easy by bank transfer. The rescheduling calculator thus contains everything necessary to optimize your own finances. For clever savvy foxes, the current low-interest phase is predestined to achieve a large effect with little effort. Further information on the repayment of loans can be found here.

Be sure to print this before you go to the bank!

Don’t you want to go to the bank to deal with a case because you don’t always understand financial terms? When reading the contract, do you feel like you are not in Hungarian? It’s over now because we’ve gathered the most common foreign terms and abbreviations you can use to apply for credit.

Concepts related to the most important Personal Payday loan

Concepts related to the most important Personal Payday loan

Total Loan Rate (CPM)

You have heard of this, as it is imperative that this value be included in bank advertising. But do you also know exactly what it means? The total cost of the loan shows the value of the loan. The percentage of the total cost of the loan taken in relation to the total amount of the loan. So the APR shows how much you need to pay back over one year in addition to the principal. Banks have been using the full rate since 1997.

The THM contains the following items:

  • interest,

  • handling charges,

  • valuation and on-site inspection fees,

  • property registration fee,

  • the fee payable to the credit intermediary, 

  • fee for possible bank account management.

Certain costs are not taken into account by credit institutions when calculating the APR. Such costs may include:

  • prepayment fee

  • the default interest.

All in all: if you want to compare the terms of a Personal Payday loan, the THM should be the primary indicator you look at!

Prolongation, prolongation

Extension of the term of the loan. You can then see if you change your credit agreement, for example, and you want to extend the term because you want to pay less.

reference interest rate

reference interest rate

The interest rate to which other interest rates are adjusted. Such reference rates include the central bank base rate determined by the Monetary Council of the National Bank of Hungary. Reference rates include BUBOR.

Reference interest rates are worth paying attention as they may affect the rate of credit interest rates: if the base rate starts to increase, credit and deposit interest rates will also increase, which in practice means that your monthly installment will also increase in the case of a floating rate loan. The same goes for the opposite: if the base rate decreases, your repayment installments will be lower. If you choose one of the fixed rate loans, you do not have to keep these changes even if you change one of the reference rates.

Base Point (BP)

In the financial field, this unit represents 1 / 100th of the percentage point. So one base point is 0.01 percent and 100 basis points 1 percent. The term base point is most commonly encountered when it comes to interest rate changes.

Credit Coverage Index (HFM

This indicator also helps the debt brake system. Determines the amount of credit that can be taken in proportion to the coverage (eg home value). Currently, the maximum credit available under HFM is 80 percent for HUF based mortgages. This means that if you want to buy a 20 million forints property, you can buy up to 16 million forints.

interest Period

interest Period

The period during which the interest on the loan does not change. This means that you can calculate a fixed loan rate within an interest period, you don’t have to worry about the variable size of the installment. Interest rates are set by the bank for long-term loans. The most common periods can be three, five or ten years old. There are no interest periods for loans with fixed maturity, but you pay the installment on the basis of the same interest rate.

Compare the loans to find the best deal!

Compare the loans to find the best deal!

Today it is natural that before buying a household appliance, we read its parameters and compare it with other similar products. Why not do the same with financial products? The easiest way to do this is by setting up a Personal Payday loan calculator to determine how much credit you would like to take and how long you would like to repay it.

In order for a financial calculator to always be able to calculate accurately, we use the data contained in the bank notices.

What do you need to know about announcements?

What do you need to know about announcements?

There is little drier reading in a financial service announcement. However, as they seem dry, they are at least as important as these documents include the features of loans, bank bills, and other banking products:

  • the exact name of the product,

  • how long it lasts,

  • the product terms,

  • product pricing

  • representative examples.

So practically everything that can be important during the loan application and the term. Notices are required to be displayed by banks on their website and made available to customers. If there is a change in any of the products, the bank must update the announcement and in any case make it clear which notice is in effect.

Corporate Finance: Macron Goes Back On The Offensive

After the law for growth and activity, a new text carried by the Minister of the Economy is announced for January 2016. It must focus on the development of digital and aims to facilitate the financing of French start-ups .

This is what could reserve the new law of ECM Credit. This text on “New Economic Opportunities” or “Noah” aims to ensure that everyone can ” find their place ” in the digital transformation, summed up the Minister of the Economy during a presentation organized on 9 November in Bercy in front of a parterre of 600 actors of the new economy.


New opportunities to invest in companies

New opportunities to invest in companies

A first set of proposals must be made in mid-December, before the bill is presented in late January in the Council of Ministers. Some measures have been outlined. ECM Credit plans to set up ” a French-style pension fund ” to find new financial resources for start-ups. ” We need to reduce the capital of our savers to the financing of the real economy ,” insisted the minister.

To promote the emergence of young tricolor shoots, the tenant of Bercy wants to review the financing structures and ” modernize the regulatory tools “. He also intends to ” adapt the fiscal framework “, without giving more details for the moment.


The Perco as a gift

The Perco as a gift

Promulgated on August 6, 2015, the first Macron law “for growth, activity and equal opportunities” is already focusing on the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and medium-sized enterprises (ETI). Among other things, it introduces several new features with regard to the Group Retirement Savings Plan (Perco).

Among them, a 16% social security package (instead of 20%) is granted to Perco invested in a fund consisting of at least 7% in shares of SMEs or mid-cap companies or in a fund invested at a minimum of 75% in SME securities, of which two-thirds are in equities. A way to get employees to participate in the financing of the real economy.

The Macron II law could continue in this direction . Meanwhile, employees and non-employees can still rely on crowdlending, the paid loan from individuals to businesses, to help entrepreneurs develop their project and thus meet the design so dear to Mr.M

The 5 types of financial profile. What is your?

The Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities has launched a study and found that the majority of the Brazilian population is divided between having control over their finances and those that give a “knack” in the time to pay their debts, among the categories of 5 types of financial profile. Were you curious to know what they are? See also:

  • The builder


30% of interviewees: This group is characterized by people with a profile consistent with their money and who do not fall into temptation and buy things to impulse. They are perfect in controlling your budget.

  • The Chameleon

29% of those interviewed: these people do not “see” the salary leaving, meaning all their money is already earmarked, so do not spare anything.

  • The Planner

22% of respondents: they are people who think long term and relate money with the pleasure of achieving dreams, so they are strong competitors and do everything to achieve their goals.

  • The carefree

    The carefree

11% of respondents: as the name suggests, these people do not stress when it comes to money and spend without thinking. However, this does not mean that they are bad payers, but that they enjoy spending and do not create bonds with money.

  • The dreamer

6% of respondents: the national minority fits this profile. They are defined as “restless” people because they know the importance of having money to win their dreams, but do not believe that saving is the way to do so. These people often have daily habits that make them spend unnoticed, when they could save and earn a lot.

So, what’s your profile? Regardless of how you handle money, if you squeeze yourself in need of help, the Financial Group are the right one for that. Ask for your personal loan online and get out of debt, it’s all fast, secure and no bureaucracy. Financial Group, you far from red.

Christmas business and consumer behavior of German consumers

The Christmas business is now in full swing in December. We are looking for the right gifts for family and friends for Christmas or have already bought great presents. In addition to our loved ones, the retail trade is also benefiting from the rising consumer behavior of Germans before Christmas. This makes his Christmas turn probably his biggest sales in the year. Conversely, this brings with it another advantage: the more Germans spend on Christmas presents, the higher the economic growth. What is the general purchasing mood of the Germans and how does their consumption behavior affect the Christmas business?

What is currently the consumption behavior of Germans?

What is currently the consumption behavior of Germans?

According to recent research by the market research institute , German consumer behavior stopped in October 2017 for the first time after five years of increase. The consumer climate indicator dropped from 10.9 to 10.8 points, but remains at a good level. Experts assume that consumer behavior remains important for economic development in Germany. Especially for autumn economists expect a solid growth course, which should compensate for the slight loss. As long as the economy continues to be as positive as it currently is, there should be no loss in retail sales: the German economy is doing well. The income of workers is still at a high level, which also maintains the propensity to buy.

What is the general consumer behavior of Germans before Christmas?

What is the general consumer behavior of Germans before Christmas?

According to experience, especially in November and December, the consumer behavior, because Christmas is just around the corner. Then more money is spent in gifts for the feast. Traditionally, the Christmas business starts around the 1st of November and ends on the 24th of December. The term “Christmas business” refers specifically to the turnover made by the retail trade before Christmas. November and December are the two months with the highest turnover for the whole year. The following companies and industries contribute particularly to the turnover during the Christmas business:

  • Toys departments for children
  • Jewelry industry
  • textile industry
  • book trade
  • Outlets for Christmas trees and jewelry
  • Stands on the Christmas markets in Germany

What is spent for Christmas presents?

What is spent for Christmas presents?

According to statistics, Germans want to spend 266 euros on Christmas presents in 2017, the same amount as in the previous year. By comparison, consumers spent around € 259 in 2015 and only € 219 in 2014 for Christmas gifts. The highest value in the last ten years was in 2013 with a consumption of 273 euros for gifts. The Germans give products from different industries and spend different amounts of money. For 2017, expenditure is expected to be distributed on average as follows (a total of 1,000 consumers aged 18 or over were interviewed):

  • 72 euros for gift vouchers or money gifts
  • 28 euros for clothes
  • 27 euros for books
  • 22 euros for toys
  • 14 euros for jewelry

What do experts expect for the 2017 Christmas season?

What do experts expect for the 2017 Christmas season?

Economists expect that Germans will increasingly move into real business for this Christmas business. Consumers want to inspect the products before purchase, see their original colors, feel them, and seek expert advice on the properties of the products. In short: You want to increase the classic shopping experience again. German consumers want to spend around 63 euros in department stores alone, which equates to an increase of 50 percent compared to 2016. According to a study 12 percent of those surveyed also prefer to do their Christmas business 2017 online. You, in turn, enjoy browsing comfortably from home in different shops to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. 

Poor credit Installment loans with minimal credit checks – Insurance health quote

Image result for family economicHow to take advantage of your credit to be able to obtain profits from your money and at the same time spend great moments with your family? At the moment in which we request a discount credit via payroll, it is common that the concern to invest it in the best way begins to arrive.

But is there really only one good way to take advantage of your financial credit? Not sure, for each person and for each family it is completely different, everyone has their priorities and has their needs. From here comes the rest.

If you now find yourself at the point that you already have family support without affecting your liquidity but you do not know how to invest it, do not worry because if you do so, you will be more likely to use your money incorrectly.

The best thing is that you first look for a form of investment to which you can allocate a portion of your money and the rest you use it to enjoy pleasant moments with your family or to pay debts and some other things that stop your financial stability.

Then we recommend one of the best practices that you can implement with your money so that it continues to work and while you enjoy your loved ones do not have to worry about the economic issues:

Lend your money but take your precautions: Lending money is one of the ways in which you can also use the credit for the health sector that you have obtained. But for this to be a business and you can really make a profit, you must make sure that the people you lend to are someone you see on a continuous basis or, you can have a direct contact at any time. The important thing is to never lose sight of him.

Another point you should consider when lending money to multiply your accounts and enjoy better times with your family are the interests. The only way to grow your money through the same money is to charge interest although the goal is that they are not as high as in a financial institution.

If you set an interest rate surely many people will want to borrow you to help them in their financial problems. In this way, while your capital grows, you will also be helping others. Remember that the more you help, the more money will come to you.

In the end, we always prefer to be lent by someone who is in our entire confidence, is not it? You can take advantage of this in your favor.

Once you have put your money to work on this or any other way that you have thought as long as you have a return on investment, then it is time to enjoy and plan the moments that you and your family want to live. We give you the following options:

Visit a beach and take a massage and spa package: What better way to relax and be in harmony with the family than in a tourist destination with a beach? Once you have obtained your loan and a part is intended for investment, it is also worthwhile to stop worrying a little about the rest and enjoy great moments with the family. Part of the happiness is in these moments.

Although you think and it is correct that the money of a loan is destined to the investment and to make your finances take a breath, you must also take a break from the financial situation in which you find yourself so that you can be more objective.

Remember that many times we are so immersed in problems that we can no longer think of them in an objective way, then it is better to relax with your family and take your children to know the sea. A massage and a good cocktail by the sea is just a little of what you can have.

Go to the restaurant you’ve always wanted: Whether you or your wife have wanted to celebrate their anniversary in a special restaurant or some other important date but have never been able to, it’s time for that to become a happy and real moment.

Surprise her with a date in that place where they always wanted to go, either because of the music, the food, the atmosphere or even the place itself. Remember that everything you do with your credit should give you maximum satisfaction and food is very important for it.

Now that you have the budget, do not skimp on happiness. Just do it and that’s it.

Visit the most famous entertainment venues in the city: Whether your favorite artist is going to perform in the most important concert hall in your locality, or that has a lot that does not go to the theater, these are just an example of the activities they can do

Says the saying that money does not buy happiness, however, if you have not yet taken your credit insurance if you’re missing out on great family moments. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to enjoy your money in entertainment events, in the end, this will make everyone happy.

Remember that children grow very fast and we always want to take advantage of them when they are small. During this stage, you can pamper them and pamper them endlessly, so it is time for the loans via nominal imss to take advantage of each one of your loved ones.

Happiness is in your hands, are you willing to let it go? Always keep in mind that time does not forgive and as the grandmothers said, opportunities are only experienced once. If you want more information about the best practices for your money, come to Credifiel and we will be your new financial advisor.

Olivier Dussopt: "The goal of 50,000 job cuts in the state is very widely achievable"

Le secrétaire d The Secretary of State in charge of the Civil Service and Local Authorities, Olivier Dussopt. – BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

We have the objective to maintain as much as possible a point of physical contact by inter-municipality, I think it is possible. But it would be foolish and counterproductive to set a target target in terms of changes in Bercy’s workforce.


It is said that the National Education will not be spared … You will remove positions of teachers?

It is said that the National Education will not be spared ... You will remove positions of teachers?

Education, like other ministries, will use reorganizations to reform itself. This does not mean that we will necessarily remove teacher positions. In the continuity of the actions undertaken, the priority will be given to the first degree, in particular by continuing the duplication of the classes of CP and CE1 in priority education. Finally, we will also create some 6,000 positions (4,500 were created in 2018) for children with disabilities. At the same time, we will continue to create jobs in the justice or security sector.

Are you also aiming for a decrease of 70,000 jobs in the communities?

Are you also aiming for a decrease of 70,000 jobs in the communities?

Yes indeed, in the coming years, about 150,000 retirements are expected in the public service, of which a larger part in the communities. In the last 2-3 years, the trend is already down in the territorial civil service. I trust the communities to do this without intervening in their free administration. This is the meaning of the partnership we have built with them in the context of contractualization. We will also, in 2019, try to lower the costs of the communities, particularly those related to standards and staff costs.

Do you expect to review the working time of territorial officials?

We are part of the 1,607 hours of the 2000 Act. Two reports from the Court of Auditors and the Supreme Council of the Territorial Public Service have shown that, on average, the working time in the communities is less than this duration. Because some agents have special constraints (night work, etc.) but also because of the maintenance of local agreements prior to 2001. We must challenge them to ensure compliance with the 1.607 hours. It is also necessary to harmonize absence authorization schemes. Marriage leave, for example, varies from three days to ten. The goal is to have a single scale for the three sides of the public service.

Regarding local finances, what do you expect for the finance bill?

We promised to stabilize community endowments in 2018. I would like to remind you that the overall operating budget has even increased from 47.8 to 48.1 billion euros. Next year, we will be on the same trend, and there will not be the massive movement of “yoyo” endowments that may have known the municipalities and resulting from the reform of the intercommunal card that took place in 2017 to the following the adoption of the NOTRe law in 2015. There will be significantly fewer municipalities that will see their endowment fall. We also intend to maintain the level of local investment aid.

The communities ask to review the framing of their expenses with the State. Are you ready?

The communities ask to review the framing of their expenses with the State. Are you ready?

It’s too early to ask the question. We estimate, with my colleague Jacqueline Gourault, that the good period to evaluate these contracts is not the 2019 PLF. It is necessary to wait for one year of budget execution. The contracting out of an evolution of 1.2% of expenses is a “new grammar”, wanted by the Prime Minister, of the relationship State-collectivities. I also note that 70% of the communities concerned have signed this contract with the State.

Where are you on the reform of the public service?

Since February 1, we initiated working groups on four sites: the redesign of social dialogue, enlargement of contractual recruitment, the compensation structure and mobility. On the first two sites, we made a point of progress with the unions before the summer break.

We will work until the end of October on the other two, and then the discussions will be suspended to allow the trade unions to prepare the December 6 professional elections. We will then open a new consultation cycle on the bill we will have drafted. The goal is to introduce a bill in the first months of 2019.


What flexibilities will you introduce on the contractual?

What flexibilities will you introduce on the contractual?

There are several of them. For example, we intend to expand the right of contract recourse for local needs when there is a recruitment difficulty and to align the duration of contracts of category B and C agents (currently two years a year) with those of categories A (twice three years). We also want to create mission or project contracts (the name is not yet stopped) to allow public employers to get agent profiles and skills they do not have, and for the time the project without any commitment, nor from the employer nor the agent, to an entire career.

We will finally improve the conditions of employment of contract workers and work on their perspective of evolution in the public service. A meeting on the subject should take place in the coming days.

What are you going to do about pay?

From the beginning, we announced our intention to take into account the professional investment of the agents, in other words the merit, both at the collective and individual level. We will also look at the issue of premiums. The reform of 2014 to replace most of the bonuses and allowances existing in the public service of the State by a compensation system taking into account the functions, the subjections, the expertise and the professional commitment (RIFSEEP) concerns little agents: only 25% of state agents are now involved.

Its general architecture is interesting, with a cap on the indemnity portion at 30%, but it lacks a floor rate. Territorial employers have proposed to fix it between 10 and 15%. It seems to me a good idea.

What about the famous “voluntary departure plan”?

Again, there will not be a “voluntary” plan of departure. As part of the dialogue, we are working on tools to promote mobility within the public service and to the private sector. Every year, 4% of employees change positions while remaining in the public service, but in less than 1% of cases they change their coverage. It’s not enough. We will therefore be working on bridging courses and, in 2019, a digital platform will centralize all the job offers of the administrations, which will also be able to consult the employees of the private sector.

With regard to voluntary departures from the civil service, it should be noted that there is already an allowance which can be collected individually by certain resigning agents. Capped at two years of salary excluding bonuses, it concerns each year about 1,000 people in the state. We must re-examine the conditions of access. We also want to allow employers to set up collective schemes on a voluntary basis in case of restructuring of services.

The Constitutional Council has censored the extension of the list of positions of senior management that may be occupied by contractors in the law Avenir professionnel. What are you going to do ?

The government believes in this measure and will represent it. The Constitutional Council did not judge the substance of the measure. On the other hand, the maintenance of five-year promotion rights for officials who take up leave to pursue a professional activity will be able to come into force and it is a good thing to encourage mobility between the public and the private sector. We could extend it to parental leave.


How do you approach the negotiation on gender equality that starts today?

How do you approach the negotiation on gender equality that starts today?

I am pleased to note that the majority of the trade unions agree on the importance of this subject on which, I hope, we will be able to reach a broad agreement. The resulting legislation will be incorporated into the Public Service Transformation Bill.

What are your goals ?

That the provisions of the 2013 agreement, signed by all the unions, be implemented and that a new step be taken. We will work on several topics: the elimination of pay and career progression gaps of agents, access to jobs and responsibilities, better reconciliation between personal and professional life, prevention and the fight against sexual and sexual violence , and the introduction of financial penalties for public employers who would not play the game.

Correcting inequalities in salary and promotion requires financial means. You will have them?

I can tell you that, as a matter of principle, the public service, on all three fronts, can not sign an agreement whose provisions would be less ambitious than in the private sector. It is this objective that I pursue in the negotiations that I chair.

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